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Create your own designs in a matter of minutes. Lifesize virtual designs, right in front of your eyes. So real, you can touch it!

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Welcome to the world of spatial computing

A real 3D app - in space

Unleash your inner designer - everyone who wants to be a designer can now be one.
Breathtaking designs - created by you - in realtime - true to size - looking so real.

Design like a pro

Grab an object or a material and move them- closer, away, to the side.
Place them on a floor or table.
Expand them and work one part at a time.

Direct touch gestures navigating a 3d model of a show in AR

High quality 3D assets

Life-sized outfits, apparel, shoes, hats and more...
Monthly drops of the highest quality assets from artists around the world varying in complexity.

list of hip 3d models from artists around the world; apparel, footwear and outfits

Real world materials

Precise digital copies of real world materials from our wonderful suppliers.
‍Amazingly detailed materials- capturing the beauty and detail of color and construction.

Ready, design, share!

Enjoy new content every month, curated by our fashion experts from actual material suppliers around the world.
Unleash your inner designer with unlimited iterations.
Share your designs with the world.

Immersive experience

Tap deeper into your creativity with more of your senses engaged.

An expanded 3d model of a hat in front of VisionPro UI of beautifully rendered digital materials

Expanded view

A more intuitive way to navigate your design. Bring it closer, inspect, expand!

Hand navigating a hyperrealistic briefcase 3d model in front of VisionPro UI of realistic digital fabrics.

Realtime iteration

Handcraft endless design options and experience them first hand. 

Refine your designs with new materials, or create entirely new imaginations from scratch. Anyone can design using remix.

It’s like magic!

remix logo, fully coloured.

Unleash your inner designer

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accurate digital fabric materials (blue color scheme) optimized for 3d fashion design.
Precise digital copies of trending textiles for digital designers.
color curated collection of beautiful Digital materials for fashion and product designers
A beautifully detailed 3d model of a snowboarder jumping in an aesthetic pose.